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readme for version13 (note this is more up to date than the one included in the zip)
March 2012
StrPix 3.95 revision 13 has not been tested thoroughly so make sure to have a backup
of your wad.

I recommend keeping old versions of StrPix in case adding these new features
has messed up the operation of older features.

1) Added feature to create a new texture.

Hold <shift> and click and drag a rectangle on the texture page image.
A cutting shape outline will be drawn with a coloured dash pattern on a white
To create the texture either click the "C" button below the texture page image
or press <ctrl>+D or select "Cut from Shape" from the "Textures" menu.

If the cutting shape intersects the selected texture it will snap to the
intersection of the selected texture and the shape that was drawn by dragging.
This behaviour only happens when a texture is clicked on ("picked") in the texture
page image and not when a texture is selected from a list.

The eight small buttons under the texture page image can be used to change the
dimensions of the cutting shape.

The buttons in the left column move the left side of the cutting shape left or right.
The buttons in the right column move the right side of the cutting shape left or right.
The top buttons in the the middle two columns move the top of the cutting shape up or down.
The bottom buttons in the middle two columns move the bottom of the cutting shape up or down.

You can only cut a texture if the cutting shape is visible.
When the cutting shape is visible, the top left coordinate (x,y)and dimensions
of the cutting shape will be shown next to the automatic bound button in the
boundary data section.

In the "Textures" menu is an option to preview a texture.
If no cutting shape has been drawn the selected texture is shown in the preview.
If a cutting shape has been drawn the preview will show the image data that will be cut.
The preview window will show smaller textures at a larger scale so when changing the size
of the cutting shape the preview window may suddenly change size.

You cannot create a texture that is the same as an existing texture.
You cannot delete any textures so use with care. Wadmerger will delete any unused
textures when it opens a wad though. Or you can use TextureAdd but make sure the texture
is unused and is the last texture because TextureAdd will renumber the textures but not 
update the texture numbers stored in the mesh faces.

If you create a texture by cutting a smaller piece of an existing texture and use
both textures on meshes, wadmerger will create separate image data for each
texture and so increase the amount of image data in the wad.

Right click on the texture page image to make the cutting shape disappear.

The colour of the cutting shape can be changed just make sure it is not the same
colour as the colour used for the selected texture for best results.

2) Added a feature to change a texture's number

In the "Textures" menu select "Change ID number".
Choose the texture numbers you want to swap from the lists or on the texture page image
left click one texture and <ctrl>+right click on the second texture. This second
texture will be shown with a dashed outline the same colour as the selected texture.
If a cutting shape has been drawn it will disappear anytime a second texture is
selected for swapping.

To swap the textures press the swap button.
Use with care since all meshes that use the two textures will have their texturing
changed. I recommend using "Find Texture" in the "Textures" menu to check which
meshes use the textures you are changing.

You cannot change a texture number to or from zero.
The swap button will be disabled also if the two texture numbers selected are the

To make the dashed outline disappear (actually outline texture #0), right click on the texture page image.

3) Bugs fixed

Fixed the display of the Y axis in the viewer. It didn't penetrate through a mesh because of DepthTest disabled.
The viewer can now render textures with height or width of 1 pixel correctly. 
This bug is seen on the statue pushable in tut1 on the underside of the "seat".

4) Miscellaneous

Add the following lines to the Ini file if you want to start StrPix with other than the default mode settings
where 1 = checked (true), 0 = unchecked (false).


5) Move Mesh

To be more like object movement in the editor, a click is now 128 units and not 256.

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