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Sleeping Dogs

The Good

  • Graphics is amazing, even in low settings. Use of high-resolution texture pack for PC at Day 1 is also very good idea.
  • Great soundtrack perfectly fits with the environment of Hong Kong.
  • Voice acting is fantastic. Also good to see some big Hollywood stars joining the cast list.
  • Variations in missions. All story missions are different from one another. Also side missions are mostly different. And some common missions from most games like beating someone down or is still quite good.
  • Very good combat system with the combination of many different combos and execution styles. Sometimes those execution styles are quite violent like when putting someone upon shark teeth or pushing them into fire by force.
  • Gun fighting is also very well done, though there's very little gun fighting in the whole game comparing with melee combat.
  • Collectibles are very fun to collect and rewards are more than enough to increase the willingness to search for all of them.
  • Unlocking and upgrading new moves and features are very good.
  • Shopping and buying items feature is very good and also making the home a new look.
  • Mini-games like drug burst, hacking, lock-picking, planting a bug, tracking someone down from phone, karaoke, poker even cockfights are very enjoyable.
  • Beside 20 hours plus gameplay, there many things to see and do, making it have a pretty good lasting appeal even after accomplish everything in the game.
  • The city Honk Kong is quite big enough for a sandbox game and its very good to see a new setting for a game, specially while almost all the games are set in America and Europe.
  • Quick time events are pretty good. Sometimes its a bit of surprise to see appearing.

The Bad

  • Stuttering problem very often and sometimes there are some textures missing issues.
  • Camera angles get wanked-out sometimes during fighting and driving.
  • Taxi features aren't implemented well. Taxi fare is always 310 dollar whether you ride it for 200 meter or 2500 meter. Beside the taxis are always empty, feels like Wei Shen is the only customer they are interested in.
  • Car Valet always brings Wei Shen's first vehicle of the game, a motorcycle. No way to call for delivering a REAL car!
  • Cops aren't challenging.

Things that could be added
The game is near perfect, though there could've been some features that could make this game more enjoyable. Some of them are:

  • Main story feels like kinda small, there could've been more missions. Though less variable missions are better than too many similar missions
  • Capturing territory like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or Godfather
  • Selling items like in Scarface
  • Boat racing

Closing Comment

Sleeping Dogs is an amazing sandbox game, the best one I have played after GTA San Andreas and Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. Sleeping Dogs shows how Grand Theft Auto IV should have been. And so far, as of today, this is the best game of 2012 in my opinion.

My Review Scores:

Gameplay: 9.4/10
Graphics: 9.6/10
Plot/Story: 9.8/10
Audio/Music: 9.7/10
Presentation: 9.4/10
Lasting Appeal: 9.7/10
Overall: 9.6/10

Inspired by Arkham Asylum, melee combat in Sleeping Dogs is very fun, regardless of the number of the enemies.

Some execution styles are fun to watch and breathtaking to deliver

Collectibles like Health Shrine gives the health bar increase. Also there's plenty of outfits for Wei Shen, like this Monk outfits.

Living breathing city of Honk Kong where the markets are crowded with different stores and customers

Soundtracks are amazing and sometimes you might be much more amazed to see Beethoven's Fur Elise appearing

310 Hong Kong dollar! You will see it every time after you finish the ride in it. Here Wei Shen looks busy cause Amanda is waiting to be photographed. And I couldn't wait to see Emma Stone as Amanda either.

Action hijackings are quite interesting, good to see the feature which was in Just Cause series also

Textures missing in one of Wei Shen's house

One of the best mission I have played recently. The realism in here is so fantastic, also gives a chance to get Wei Shen's feeling in that position.

Gun Fighting is also quite enjoyable. Wei Shen in Rambo style in this picture.
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