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^ Yup.

Originally Posted by ggctuk View Post
Actually, if I'm not mistaken, TR2 Gold, since it, and TR2, use an external sound file (MAIN.SFX), itwill have all the correct sounds.

My point is the AI is not the same as the doberman. Both the spider and small spider slots were replaced by the bear and wolf. Meaning that simply swapping the levels out won't work as far as these two enemies are concerned - those enemies will not function correctly. And vice versa.
Interesting. When I did a full install of TRII with the multi patch, I replaced the levels with the Golden Mask levels. All worked fine, but when I encountered the bear it would act fine in the beginning, though after a few seconds it would stand up and freeze. Thought it was weird, but what you said has to explain it.

Two screens I made of the latest test version:

Most textures have been fixed in Atlantean Stronghold.
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