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Originally Posted by ggctuk View Post
It's still technically a hack, although given that we do allow talk and even distribution of levels for the PC version of TR1 (which would actually require a crack to work) I don't see why not. It's a sketchy issue, though, so I'd double-check with a mod. I can't see any objections if this thread was allowed to be created in the first place.
Yes, exactly. I just asked a moderator about this actually.

Originally Posted by peeves View Post
Well I'm talking about lara being able to perform it through the textures through the window in atlantean stronghold and the hive.
Alright, I see. Yeah, it'll stay the same like in Tomb Raider 1. There's no reason for it to be different, as far as I'm aware.

Some screenshots from a test version I got 2 days ago:

Atlantean Stronghold is about 90% done. The Hive is being worked on.

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