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Originally Posted by RazgrizSpecter View Post
I was trying to see how a 3d print of some posed models would turn out and its a pretty picky process.
That's something which can't be fixed quickly then - converting a game model for 3d print would require a lot of editing and remodelling. As you already know, a model for 3D print needs to be one single mesh with a closed hull and game models usually consist of many separate meshes which, if joined into one, don't fit neatly together to form a closed hull. There are many gaps and holes which need to be closed.

To give an example:

This is what you have with most game models: face and eyeball are two separate shapes with no matching vertices along which you could easily connect the two shapes.

And this is what you would need:

I deleted the eyeball and closed the hole manually by creating new faces for a quick screenshot. A better but time consuming solution would have been to use the union modifier to merge the two meshes and then delete the excess vertices.

In short - it's not impossible but lots of (possibly complicated) editing work.
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