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Hmm, well I Googled and found this. Maybe it's possible with FexInspectSK. It would be great because the project file would most likely give the one who ports this insight in the root of the problem, so it can be fixed. If not, then this project file would be useful to split the level into two (if all else fails).

Edit: in this case, FexInspect is only really useful to view the structure of the Egypt levels, so they can be rebuilt in Dxtre3d.

Below are some screens of a test level, which was made in Dxtre3d and converted to PS1:

Dxtre3d view:

PC #1:

PS1 #1:

PC #2:

PS1 #2:

PC #3:

PS1 #3:

PC #4:

PS1 #4:

PC #5:
(Ignore the hideous water, transparency hadn't been added)

PS1 #1:

Pretty cool, right?
Now to rebuild the Egypt levels. We've looked into it and it seems possible to rebuild using Dxtre3d. But any help would be greatly appreciated. So if anyone with level editing experience is willing to give it a try, give us a shout.

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