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I tried rebuilding the levels in Dxtre3d but the program just seems to lack certain features the official editor has. For example, the height of a room can only be 3 square blocks long, while the very first room in Return To Egypt is already higher. And rooms often don't have the height of an even amount of square blocks, which means we have to make the actual room higher, but make the ceiling lower (with segments). Also, a lot of walls use different textures vertically and splitting it evenly doesn't always work out. Last but not least, Unfinished Business uses textures the original TR1 doesn't have. We're using the objects and textures of Temple of Khamoon in this case, since it's the most similar to the Egypt levels in Unfinished Business, but it still misses a few textures UB has. Here's an example of a room I rebuilt, but with a replaced texture:

The gray wall texture above the black panther should actually have a cat symbol in the middle.

Here's a room that worked out fine:

And here's a huge room that I didn't end up finishing:

The left side at the end also has a different texture.

All in all, the texture differences aren't that big of a deal. But seeing how there are so many technical difficulties and how grand and time consuming rebuilding just one level is, it just doesn't seem worth it. If only we had the original TR1 level editor and the project files. So as of now, there is no solution for the Egypt levels unfortunately. The actual problem with loading the original levels is probably a hardcoded issue. Which means this project is on hold again until further notice.

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Thank you! Even if it never is ported over to the Playstation, I will do a blind playthrough of these levels some day! It'd just have to be when I finally get a laptop that's decent enough for recording such things.
That would be nice .
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