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Dead Space 2

Played in: Normal Difficulty
Time taken to finish first play-through: 10 hours 42 minutes and 20 seconds

The Good
  • Wonderful visuals and great level designing
  • Fantastic Survival Horror action game, the best I have played since Resident Evil
  • Plenty of EPIC action moments
  • Very good horror settings
  • Satisfying gameplay with all the mechanics
  • Very good compose of soundtrack from Jason Graves and very good sound effects
  • Great presentation of the game by Visceral
  • Very good replay value specially with New Game+ mode and hardcore difficulty

The Bad
  • Story is very predictable
  • Few objectives are quite dull
  • Few animations aren't quite impressive

My Rating: 9.4/10
Note: I didn't play the first Dead Space.
Steam id: ShaikhSiddiky
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