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Follow the source pointed in the Wikipedia article, it explains a lot. The information comes from an interview, apparently done by Simon Carless from GameGeek Peeks, in 1998. He interviewed Toby Gard and Paul Douglas after they left Core to start their own studio, Confounding Factor. It also briefly describes the circumstances in which Toby departed when Core was deciding the future after the success of the first Tomb Raider.

h0l: Were you amused or appalled at "Nude Raider"?

PD: It's pretty sad. Have you heard the rumour that it was Core that did it? It wouldn't surprise me in the least. We were actually asked to put something like that in the game by the boss, but flatly refused.

This would suggest Core/Eidos did actually attempt putting nudity in the game in one way or another. It is possible that they were behind Nude Raider actually. After all, it came up very early on, which would suggest it was done by somebody who knew how and where the game's resources were distributed and knew how to patch things up to get Lara to run around naked - possibly someone from the inside.

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