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Default Revision 14 available

StrPix 3.95 revision 14 available here.

For those who have the testing copy 14b the only difference is with this version you have the option to switch off the confirmation when closing StrPix.

Any bugs or problems please post in this thread.


StrPix3_rev14c readme.txt

March 2013

Two ways to use.

Just extract this folder to somewhere and use it


copy exe and readme 14 into your existing StrPix folder. Do not overwrite old copies of
StrPix so make sure this exe has a different name before copying.

If you want to keep your current settings, make a copy of your ini file and rename it
with the same name as this exe i.e. "exename.ini".

Only added 4 features.

1. Can change the user interface (UI) of the main form to a darker colour.
(Feature requested by Teme9)

Can change the UI colour from the view menu or clicking the button underneath
the 256 x 256 texture tile image. It is at the right.

When you close StrPix the UI colour you chose will be remembered in the ini file
and you will have the same UI colour when you start StrPix again.

2. Can import/export Metasequoia .mqo files.
This feature has not been thoroughly tested (not all mqo types tested, texture
shine/opacity preservation not checked much, imported mqo not checked in a level,
whether illegal texture numbers will be imported, whether more than 1500 verts/faces
will be imported, whether imported mesh matches exactly mesh created, etc).
Should preserve textures if mqo exported from StrPix Revision 14 initially.
Exported without scaling (1:1) so will be large. Imports at 1:1 also.
Imports visible objects only. More than one visible object will be
merged without joining vertices at the moment but in future may abort import if
more than one visible object.
Only imports geometry and StrPix_texture/opacity/shine info. No lighting info.
No UV texturing imported.
Doesn't import mirror or lathe so freeze mesh before importing.
Should work with Metasequoia versions up to 3.1.1.

Format of material name in Metasequoia as follows. This is how texturing is remembered.
(see editwad docs for more detail download at skribblerz)


x is texture number. If negative texture is flipped.
y is 0 for quads, 0,2,4 or 6 for triangles.
z is a number representing the shine and opacity. Values 0 to 127.

3. If you hold down the Ctrl key when clicking on the buttons to move the sides
of the cutting shape, the sides will move quicker. Steps of 4 pixels instead of
steps of 1 pixel. (Feature requested by Teme9)

4. If you click "Query on close" in the Options menu so it is checked, when you
close StrPix you will be asked to confirm. Your choice will be remembered in the ini file.
You will only be asked for confirmation if a wad is opened. To stop confirmation
behaviour click "Query on close" so it is unchecked.

* Bugfix: OpenGL texture wasn't updated for textures that intersected a texture
that was replaced by importing a bitmap. That is where 2 or more textures share
the same part of the Texture page. Only a bug existing since cutting feature
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