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Okay, I have begun working on the project "EARLY" in the little time that I get. I have implemented new features such as full object wad conversion and sound effects (external) which were not part of the old tool.

This has been a huge success because now, the tool can convert any .PHD -> .PSX fully only leaving texture issues. Everything else is perfectly fine, the texture issues are occurring because I have not added the texture conversion methods yet which i will get to if possible once I learn more about the format.

Here's a look at the tool:

I would also like to note that all vertex lighting is now 100% accurate and is exactly how Core Design's conversion tools for the PSX would output them. It took me a while to figure out such a simple calculation but it was well worth it, because there will be no more lighting bugs!

As for Egypt, the next step is looking into the possibility of what is causing them to crash I'll get to it in a few weeks when I have more time on my hands.
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