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Originally Posted by Turbo Pascal View Post
Are those UB levels?, egypt.tub and cat.tub?, does your tool work with regular PHD and also with TUB (slighted modified phd version levels) file formats?

It could be level size most likely, amount of textures pages or too much rooms (vertices and polygons maybe). I have seen test demo done with dxtre3d running fine with your tool in priors post, so i sugest to try to export just one texture page first, or try to port half total rooms in level.

I think i have somewhere my old tomb raider libraries that read and write phd and TUb files, if in any point you need some kind a tool that makes some process to those files then i can give you a hand.

Good luck.
Hello there, The tool was used to convert the .PHD versions of Unfinished Business, adding support for the .TUB files won't be a problem since there was a minor change to the whereabouts of the colour palette (i think that's what it was anyway). This suggestion will definitely be considered and will be added as soon as .PHD -> .PSX conversion is complete.

The first thing I thought was the level size. But then I thought that's impossible because I switched the object wad with City Of Vilcabamba and the level did load fine on several occasions. Because the PSX is limited in terms of hardware, there's a chance that some levels (custom ones) which are too large will not run on the PlayStation. I have experienced this when converting a large one and it just froze at when the loading bar became full.

Thanks for offering the help, I will definitely ask you if needed.



I haven't posted much progress because there have been only minor findings at this point. The latest information I do have is that:

- All the new lighting info was imported into the Atlantis levels.
- Egypt crashes due to the "Winged mutants", when they are removed the game loads (Thanks Jonathan for taking the time to delete the objects).

Because the Winged Mutant freezes the game the cause is unknown and If this enemy is removed it will degrade the original experience so I don't know where things are going to go from here and I've not had much time to discuss this with Jonathan due to a new project which is being developed in parallel. So I guess it's nice to see some feedback on the situation from a few of you folks.

Also, texture conversion is on the todo list, I did code something up in an attempt to convert the PC textures to PSX however, the output is fairly distorted and I don't know whether it's just because I've not applied the palette yet. I'll have to keep on going and see how it turns out for now.

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