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Lightbulb Classic FMV Croft Manor Remake


Ever since I was first introduced to Tomb Raider, with 'The Adventures of Lara Croft', I've been wondering why
the manor seen in that beautiful loading screenshot in Tomb Raider III was so different from the ingame manor.
It looked so classic, detailed and sophisticated and foremost beautiful. I discovered that this version of the manor
was seen in a (quite blurry) FMV in the first Tomb Raider and even in some officially released promotional renders.
I always loved the manor training levels in the first Tomb Raider games, and in my opinion it's still one of the things
that just belongs in a Tomb Raider game. More sequels of Tomb Raider were released, and with every announcement
I was hoping for a playable version of this FMV version of the manor. But it never became true...

As we all know The Last Revelation, Chronicles and The Angel of Darkness had no manor at all, and Legend, Anniversary
and Underworld had a beautiful, yet limited incarnation of the manor in the movies. It was fun, but it just wasn't the same.
That calm, classic feeling and the sense of true exploration was missing. You couldn't even explore the gardens surrounding
the manor! Then came the reboot, and from the day of announcement we all knew that the chance for a manor was close to none.
Last august I was in England, surrounded by beautiful English architecture and then I decided:
If they don't do it, I will do it myself. And so I did...

I aimed for nothing but perfection while making this model. I did an enormous amount of research to make it as identical as
possible to the model seen in TR1-3. I studied the typical English architecture while I was in England, and I even shot
my own textures when I was at Hatfield House.


Version 2.3 of the manor is released!

You can choose between the .obj format or the .dae format, for use with Lumion.
Both packages also contain the seperate models of the Ivy and the Zipline Trolley.

Be aware, the manor is very high-poly and using the model in XPS is very laggy, there's nothing I can do about that.

AOD HD Graphics Patch Chapter 0A, 0B and 1 available for download now!

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