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Originally Posted by Phlip View Post
Were we ever told why CD dropped him like a cold bag of sick?
Lol...think I'm gonna title my next project "Cold Bag Of Sick"!

As for CD and my TR involvement, although I can't go in to details due to legal agreements, I was never dropped. I was hired around end of 2009 to work with the TR team on a pre production music score for TR. I completed the job, CD team was very happy with the work I did, I got payed and that's that. Afterwards I was hired to do the first trailer like you all know, I scored it, again CD was very happy with the job I did, I got payed and that's that. In the end CD decided not to use my score in the trailer, and use the trailer as first platform to introduce Jason's TR work to world. And, that's that.

Thank you all for following my work and for reacting to the stuff I write.
If you would like to follow what I do professionally and hear new things I publish consider following my FB page, thats's the only place I update regularly.


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