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Smile The Perfet Settings

After a long session of trial and error, I've managed to determine the absolute perfect settings wich will make both the 3D depth (z-axis) and the camera distance to be EXACTLY the same as it is in the original 4:3 exe of Tomb Raider 2. The picture with my settings is PIXEL perfectly the same as the 4:3 version except it is horizontally bigger of course.

The settings are :
Camera distance = 1036
FOV = 336 (enable FOV fix)


Original 4:3

16:9 patch + my settings

If you only adjust the camera distance, the game's 3D depth is completely different, it's like it was compressed along the sagittal axis:

These fixes are really great btw, I've been waiting for so long for this to be possible. Now I can play in Stereoscopic 3D & Hor+ widescreen : )
Big thanks to the author of the patches!

The settings seems to be the same for Tomb Raider 4 too, I just tested.

What is interesting that the lighting changes in both TR2 and TR4, although the change is realted to the 16:9 patch, as the FOV-unmodified 16:9 patched exe produces different lighting than the original 4:3 exe too.

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