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Originally Posted by Joshorty View Post
Sorry I'm confused with the "TRU is the worst port ever". Wasn't that game built from the ground up as a next gen title? Aside from graphical glitches, I much preferred Underworld's graphics compared to NG Legend because at least it was built that way from the start.

And PALE was the word I was looking for in Anniversary on PS3. I feel like they tried a bit too hard in making the 360/PS3 versions look different than the PS2, going as far as changing colors for the sake of that. But I don't remember wet effects being absent, just different. We lost the "goosebump wet look" - that's for sure.

I love the real time lighting and water effects as much as the PS2 versions but some places now look less dimensional. The entrance of the tunnel she arrives at before the first Egypt level loads is a perfect example of that. I gotta dig screenshots I took to show that ... if only I remember where I saved it lol.
Let me make make things clear :

1-By TRU Being worst port, I refer to the PS3 Version being terrible and full of bugs much more worse than any other version, graphics are fine only some little bugs here and there.

2-Legend was fine imo, except some graphical bugs like mentioned above...

3-TRA PS3 Does not use Bump Maps, the lighting was changed, and it was given sharp light maps but that is simply not enough, they didn't add bump maps, bump maps make a major change if you don't know.

The Wet effect is not there and Im sure of it, to be even more sure I asked a friend of mine (known as Gh0stblade here) to rip the textures, and I was right that they reaplaced the dirt and wet effects with just a different set of textures.

How did I know this without examining the files ? because the dirt effect always looks the same and Lara's body and face textures are mirrored, when she gets dirty in this version her wrist bands turn white and her skin and shirt turn "pale" colored, pretty stupid.

The water effect is broken, they only made a darker version of the shirt for when she gets wet but they didn't add shiny wet specular/light maps for the wet effect like the one TRU has.

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