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Thanks again for the encouraging response to these packages. It's appreciated.

Originally Posted by TimJ View Post
...actually your link seems to be for the first texture pack. ^^"
Drats. Thanks for pointing that out. I'll go back and edit the link.

Syrian Caves

This next texture set is based on Syrian rock formations and the carved reliefs of the Persepolis. The initial idea was to put together a large set that could be broken down and used for possibly two joint levels: One heavy on the cave textures (this one), and a follow up more focussed on the temple/ruin architecture. I've moved on to other ideas now, but here - at least - is the initial cave set; with a few teaser architectural details.


I've included all the source images I used, for those who wish to expand or remold certain aspects, and I have also included a few reference images I had gathered for the carved reliefs, for those that wish to expand on what is given.

This set was put together with the idea of using them at 128x128 size and, as always, please feel free to use/abuse/rip apart for your own means. The .rar file is 19 meg:


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