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I cannot reproduce the problem you had with the csv file.

I downloaded ggctuk's Centaur and exported an animation to TRW, opened it in TRW Editor and saved as csv and everything was fine.

I use Python's builtin code for writing the csv so don't know what may be causing your problem.

Have you opened the csv in just a text editor to examine it is OK?

I will change TRW Editor so it can import 32 meshes.


Here is the updated TRW Editor version 0.3.
Can now import from CSV, 35 meshes maximum.
ggctuk's Centaur has 33 meshes - I don't know what the engine maximum is.

The Lite download is only 27kB and contains only the new exe + readme.
Hopefully you can just copy it into your existing TRW Editor 0.2 folder and it will work OK.

This is the full package 13MB for new users.

I didn't do much testing so please report any new bugs.
Check trsearch\Tools for some of my programs

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