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Hey guys, it has been a while again since our last update. Fortunately we have been able to work on many things in the meantime, mainly thanks to the fantastic efforts by Gh0stBlade. Therefore I would like to provide insight into the latest updates and changes to the Tomb Raider: Unfinished Business project. There have been various updates which include the following:
  • Ability to generate water tinted CLUTs.
  • Custom texture positions ".POS" support (now cancelled).
  • Updates to audio conversion.
  • Automatic texture conversion (nearly final but still expected to be improved if possible).
  • Meshes are now appearing correctly regardless of camera/Lara's position (thanks to Turbo Pascal).
  • Boxes/Zones removal tool (cancelled due to ineffectiveness).
  • Various misc features such as ability to output greyscale textures for quick testing or block solid color textures.
  • Custom output version support.
Many areas of the tool have been rewritten/improved for performance. As of now, the project is looking great and texture quality has significantly improved. The game is now up to a perfectly playable standard, only with a few camera and crash issues in the Egypt levels (unfortunately this seems like it's a price we have to pay at the moment by not deleting the winged mutants). Full manual texture optimization will be implemented later on, when we feel all issues have been resolved completely. This way we can ensure the textures will look as good as possible, with the main purpose of making them look better than what the original PS1 textures had to offer.

We realize a proper update has been long overdue, so here is one screenshot per level to see what they look like once converted with the tool.

Return to Egypt:

Temple of the Cat:

Atlantean Stronghold:

The Hive:

Some more details regarding the project will be posted by Gh0stBlade later.
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