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Default Update to version 1.7

I thought it was time for some maintenance work on the installer, mostly to streamline recent support for the latest Superbundle, Gog & Steam editions through consolidation of all the different recent patches I just had to put up lately to uhm... catch up with such editions
that would be a consolidation into a single encompassing version so users don't even bother to recall what version they have got
while I was at it I also added support for v1.03 of the nGlide glide wrapper software
and here comes... no less than v1.7 in person

Updated roster of latest improvements:

o Fix for compatibility with all the latest editions and repackaging redistributions of the Tomb Raider 1 cdrom available on the market, such as Superbundle, Gog and Steam packages: all these would go otherwise unrecognized thus causing prior installer versions to crash [v. 1.7]

o Inclusion of optional nGlide wrapper v1.03 setup [v. 1.7]

o Inclusion of complete set of PlayStation cdrom audio tracks and customized tomb.exe by KMO [v. 1.6]

o Cdaudio playing routine revamping, via recompilation of dosbox.exe. Bugfix for depth artifacts with Intel graphics cards via updated glide2x.dll build by gulikoza [v. 1.5]

o Maintenance release, customized setup bitmaps [v. 1.4.2]

o Full support for 64bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7 [v. 1.4]

o Self-dectection of processor architecture (32 vs. 64 bit) [v. 1.3]

o Fix: possible freeze issues with some TR1 cdrom layouts (32 and 64 bit) [v. 1.2]

o Fix: performance hits and lockups at onset of gameplay: new game vs. load game stage (32 and 64 bit) [v. 1.2
Usage of the application, I hope, is as always pretty straightforward.
Short readme txt/doc included.

Caveat utens (player beware ): graphics glitches may still happen, especially lockups or crashes when it comes to rendering the FMVs.

To this effect I'll add here a word or two asap to briefly summarize what, if anything, can imho be tried to work these out, obviously within the scope of the tool in question.

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