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Default quick update to v1.7.1

one final addon
I thought it could be a useful feature to have for joystick users if I included the JoyToKey setup as an option

which boils down to this

first 4 items in the form, I have designed them selected by default, you just let them go take care of themselves, unless there's some special reason against it and you feel like unchecking them

optionally checking #5 and child task #6 will entail the installing of JoyToKey, a freeware app to "enable PC game controllers to emulate a mouse and the keyboard input, so that windows applications and web games can be controlled with your favorite joysticks"
plus a desktop shortcut I made for it (yes I got the hidden icon right )

now if you're the keyboard kind (like yours truly) do me/yourself a favor, skip it all for Chrissake!
otherwise you can try it if you wish

please consider that even after the installer has provided and arranged all the files needed for JoyToKey setup, nothing is really going on there until you use that shortcut, run the joystick emulator and proceed to configure it
it can also be uninstalled together with the whole installer program as usual, namely via Start/Programs/Tomb Raider/Uninstall
or via control panel applet
(Windows 8.1: apparently only Control Panel/Programs & Features/Tomb Raider/Uninstall)

Download link to version 1.7.1:

Alternate download links (3-part split file, respectively some 130, 130 & 100 MB):
squeezed in part 1, the free hjsplit tool to split/join big files on the spot
with some quick tips to make the 3 parts whole again

Now, it's high time for some history:

o Inclusion of optional setup of JoyToKey v5.6, a keyboard emulator for joysticks [v. 1.7.1]

o Fix for compatibility with all the latest editions and repackaging redistributions of the Tomb Raider 1 cdrom available on the market, such as Superbundle, Gog and Steam packages: all these would go otherwise unrecognized thus causing prior installer versions to crash [v. 1.7]

o Inclusion of optional nGlide wrapper v1.03 setup [v. 1.7]

o Inclusion of complete set of PlayStation cdrom audio tracks and customized tomb.exe by KMO [v. 1.6]

o Cdaudio playing routine revamping, via recompilation of dosbox.exe. Bugfix for depth artifacts with Intel graphics cards via updated glide2x.dll build by gulikoza [v. 1.5]

o Maintenance release, customized setup bitmaps [v. 1.4.2]

o Full support for 64bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7 [v. 1.4]

o Self-dectection of processor architecture (32 vs. 64 bit) [v. 1.3]

o Fix: possible freeze issues with some TR1 cdrom layouts (32 and 64 bit) [v. 1.2]

o Fix: performance hits and lockups at onset of gameplay: new game vs. load game stage (32 and 64 bit) [v. 1.2]
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