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After: first edit with Meta2TR.
Not finished yet but it'll give you an idea of what it is going to be like.
The alcoves now are all rounded.
Ripples have also been added the water edges.

And here's a Meta2TR WIP of the cave at the beginning of this level:

Not sure yet what I want to do with that pillar in front of Lara: keep it rocky like this or make it more like a stalactite/stalacmite.
I'll add waterspatters at the bottom of those little streams coming from the rocks above.
The little white specs are colourless (white) cave fish.

Object mistake...
I wanted to make animated seagulls which could be placed here and there on the rocks for atmosphere and here's how the first ones turned out: waaaayyyy to big!

They have been fixed already.
More rounded meshes and textures will be added with Meta2TR.
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