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New Version, revision 17.

If you were testing the beta version 17 please download this release version since it contains added features.

November 2014 Revision 17

StrPix 3.95 revision 17 has not been tested thoroughly so make sure to have a backup of your wad.

- Added feature to add a texture in Textures menu.

- Added feature to add a page from an image or add a blank page in Textures menu.

- Supported image formats are *.bmp, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.png, *.tga, *.psd, *.pdd, *.dds and *.gif.

- If an image has an alpha channel, alpha is replaced with magenta (RGB 255,0,255) when added.

- If an image is greater than 256px high or 256px wide an option to resize proportionally is available.

- Changed Import Texture to an OpenPicture Dialog which supports the above file formats. Note that alpha channel is not converted to magenta if present. Photoshop *.bmp files no longer cause Stream Read Error.

- Added "Open Recent" to File menu. Recent files opened are stored in the *.ini file.

- Added in View menu an option to use Bilinear Filtering. No longer need to set via ini file.

- Changed the way meshes for moveables are chosen. Now choose from a list of slot names and then the mesh from the list of meshes for that slot.

- When a moveable mesh is displayed the number of moveables that use it is displayed. Clicking the number pops up a list.

- If the file "NGLEObjects.txt" is in the same folder as StrPix3.exe, the moveable names will be used otherwise the moveable number is used in the Moveables drop down list.
"NGLEObjects.txt" is bundled with this version of StrPix.

- Removed the initialization section of Geometry.pas which was not suitable for 32 bit CPUs and caused a serious bug on some PCs.

To keep the settings from your current StrPix, copy the *.ini file from your current StrPix folder to this folder and rename the same as the *.exe name. i.e. "STRPIX3.ini".


Champ for the code to place a texture into the existing texture atlas.

Vampyre Image Library for the image loading and resizing (bicubic).

EssGee for testing.
Check trsearch\Tools for some of my programs

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