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Well teme9's rough tutorial is buried in the StrPix thread but may not be available anymore.

My Blender addon is here.

Extract to Blender's scripts/addons folder.

You don't have to create a lowpoly mesh from a high poly mesh if you have a lowpoly UV mapped object.

Import your lowpoly object and make a duplicate.

Then use lightmap unpack to create new UVs for the duplicate.

Then do the bake from the original UV mapped object to the duplicate object and save the image created for the duplicate.

Use my addon to export the duplicate object to StrPix MQO.

Please adjust the scale in the save file screen.

Default scale saves object 100 times bigger than in Blender.

Then use my addon to export TextureAdd .rec file for the duplicate object.

Create a single mesh wad in Wadmerger.

Open the wad in TextureAdd.

Using TextureAdd, import the image you saved for the duplicate into page 1.

Using TextureAdd, import the .rec file and overwrite existing texinfos and save the wad.

In StrPix import the MQO exported from Blender and save.

Hopefully the mesh is textured correctly.

Remember limits for StrPix. 1500 vertices and 1500 polygons.
Check trsearch\Tools for some of my programs

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