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Water Caves

Okay, next up for grabs is another cave pack that is a little over due. I called this set 'Water Caves' because I built it with the idea that it could be used as a mostly dry/damp cave experience, but also references the lovely blue palette of TR2's Maria Dora levels; so hopefully it has an oldschool underwater vibe too. All you need to do is add your favourite water texture set and you're good to go.


Preview (low res' 64x64)

The .rar contains a .tga file (with room close to the top to add your choice of 128x128 water textures), so you can mix, match, juggle & drop what you wish via TRBuilder. It also contains a 'source material' folder with a set of the original (un-edited) photos from, and a second 'master' set with colour/tonal values matching the final textures, for those that may want to create specific custom tiles for their project.

As always, you are free to do whatever you want with this pack, but a credit nod would be nice (and respectful). Thanks.

Mediafire 38mb: Download

The next update with definitely be a custom ambient/music pack. It's about time I made the title of this thread match the contents within!


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