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Originally Posted by gidierre View Post
those screenshots look very nice indeed
now I really know nothing about this PCSXR software, I looked it up and saw it's opensource

based on what I could quickly get a glimpse of, of all them I focused on a single .c file, whose path is:

and the relevant header namely gte_accuracy.h, who together seem to be the core of the nice widescreen fix

there you see that 3 dimensional array:
float gteCoords[0x800 * 2][0x800 * 2][2];
and those 2 functions
all looking very much promising, and very bright too may I add (for what my judgement is worth)

but I say "seem to be" because only a thorough browsing of all this code would let you grasp all the nesting frame and connections

anyway, the major problem I can see here is surely not its integration with dosbox (opensource) code, but when it comes to glide wrapping, to match it with nGlide in this case (as opposed to Glidos, or the glide patch wrapper things) and that's no opensource...
so it'd really be nGlide's business to use/tweak it (if ever feasible at all...).
PC Tomb Raider only passes transform and lit polygons to the API. As the widescreen fix on PSXR works for every game, i suppose these games use a PSX API to transform polygons, unless it is a fix that reduces the vertical FOV instead of increasing the horizontal FOV. In any case, apply this fix to the PC version is useless, either it wont work or it will only reduce the vertical FOV.

Furthermore, eventually i will fix whatever is left to fix in the ATI version of Tomb Raider and i will include a true widescreen fix with increased horizontal FOV
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