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Somewhere inside mountain of China exist a village where villagers venerate a mysterious god. This god can making life or spill death.
After years, the god decided to give to villagers a magic stone that offers the possibility
to give an eternal life to plants. This stone gave them all the ressources they needed for generations.
After a while all villagers quit the mountain and the stone was lost.
Years have passed and new villagers came and discover the stone inside the main temple. The god, forsaken for years, decide to take all those villager to another world.
Survivors decide to hide the stone in the deserted city. Once again, the stone is lost.
After some research and exploration, Lara discovers the city and decides to search the magic stone and put it in it original place, inside the main temple,
to calm down the god and make the place peacefull.

Early Screenshots
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last update: 03/07/2016

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