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Hmm, if you mean an old key you couldn't get, that that would have to do with the secret. If the tile underneath it has crumbled away, you can no longer get it The secret is quite tough to get, though not too hard to find.

Uh oh, decided to have a look at some of the other forums with the help of google translate, looks like someone on Lara's level-base has found the unintended shortcut and has been confusing people who haven't, and looks like they found one more... Is there anyone with an account there that could relay a message for me? I don't trust google translate to get it across very well

To anyone who can, please relay the following message to this thread:
Hello, it appears as though Nad has used unintended shortcuts to bypass many areas, so his advice will be very confusing to people playing the intended way.

You should not be able to get to the upper areas of the house before using the two "books" and second "maintenance keys." The method using the slope is unintentional, and should be avoided as it may make the game unwinnable.

You also should not be able to enter the main laboratory/office area before using all the wires, I'm not sure how Nad did so, and I would appreciate an explanation.

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