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Originally Posted by AkyV View Post
- Are you sure these are TR4 (and not NGLE) room indices?
- I also need FMIR_ALTERNATE_REFLEX when I tested.
- The distance from the mirror is the same is in both room. So if the original ANIMATING is X clicks from the floor, then the reflected ANIMATING must be X clicks from the CEILING in the mirror room. (I suggest placing the reflected item in the Toggle Opacity ceiling in the mirror room, so calculating clicks is easier now.)

I think it's best I give you all the information I have and show you what the issue is in-game.

Sorry about all the huge images.

My script line:

MirrorEffect= 		0,80,MIR_FLOOR, 665+FMIR_ADJUST_Z

Here is the real room (Room 0). The Animating_13 (Grandfather clock) has ID 665. This is the ID I placed in my script.

Here is the placement of my reflected clock in room 80 (the hidden room).

This confirms that rooms 0 and 80 have the correct numbers (they're both 0:0 and 80:80 respectively.

Here is the issue (though hard to see without being in-game). The clock appears to be correctly reflected (the pendulum reflection swings the correct way) but the whole clock reflection is backwards. It's facing the wall. It's easiest to see if you look at where the clock face should be. Several sections of the frame are missing because this object wasn't intended to be seen from the back. However, this is the only orientation I could get where the pendulum swings the correct way.

Using this code instead yields the second best result, though you can see the pendulums swing incorrectly. When the real one goes right, the reflection goes left, and vice versa.

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