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Originally Posted by ESCachuli View Post
The challenges of the Duat

The egyptian underworld is known as the Duat. When someone dies, Anubis guides him before Osiris. His Ib (the heart) is extracted by Anubis, and is deposited in a scale, and in the opposite plate, the Maat (symbol of Truth and Justice). If your heart has many sins, it becomes too big and outweight the Maat, and Anubis feeds your Ib to Ammyt. If not, you can go to Aaru (the paradise).

Well, this is “almost” seen in TR4 (the water puzzle). If you failed, the monster gets out of the cage and attacks you (and the monster is clearly designed upon Ammyt).
So, you can’t repeat it.

How can you make an interesint Egyptian Underworld? First, call it Duat, since it is it’s real name.

Anubis should be chasing you through the level. For example, the level begins with Lara waking up from the fall. Everything has an eerie atmosphere and weird colours. After exploring a while, you reach a room, and Anubis is right there. He commands you to follow him. But knowing what is happening, Lara runs and escapes him to another place.

Maybe there could be some traps in the way, but at some point, you get the Scarab Amulet (the same Putai was talking about). And this object becomes a central piece of the puzzles. The Scarabeo sacer is symbol of resurrection. With this item, you can go back to the living plane. Remember Soul Reaver? Something like that. Certain walls aren’t there anymore, the pillars move… and Anubis isn’t there.

So, my idea is:
- Using the Scarab, you can move through the living world to the Duat. Maybe you could only use it in certain places so the rest of the conditions make sense (if you can flip freely, there is no challenge).
- Anubis chase you in the Duat, and can kill you in 1 hit.
- Ammyt (the real one, not the minions from TR4) also can appear from nowhere (maybe as a trap, she could appear from a hole in the wall and kill you, she is a giant monster with crocodile head, lion hair, hypo legs and human torso).
- In the living world, Ammyt-like monsters (the ones from TR4) attack you. Those, and traps, can take you back to the Duat and you would be forced to repeat the sequence. Maybe even the time of the "living world" could be limited, so you are transported back to the Duat after some time and you had to do some timed secuences.
- You have to get the Ka (life force) and the Ba (spirit force), and then use them in a ritual room. Osiris appears with Anubis and Ammyt. Osiris combines your Ka and your Ba into the Aj. Anubis then opens you a portal, you cross it… and wake up next to the pyramid exit.
- Lara wonders if it was real… but she has the Scarab amulet. It just doesn’t work anymore.
Originally Posted by DJ Full View Post
Oh. After top secret work I didn't register I'm supposed to show it.
Here's what I mean. LGG says fine, so I'm sending this.
Note I had full memory, it's not the item lagging the game

Team Members
Here is the list of permanent or core members and time to time members. If you are in the list it means you helped us at one moment. PM me if I forget you or if you do not wish to be in this list.

Storyboard Writers:
Quentin Frémeaux aka Level NextGen
Nathan Hurley aka HURLEYstickmen
Jake Whitmarsh aka Ceamonks890

Przemysław Kochański aka Caesum

Level Builders:
Quentin Frémeaux aka Level NextGen
Przemysław Kochański aka Caesum

Object Builders:
Quentin Frémeaux aka Level NextGen
Ben Kettleborough aka benkb

Zoltán Berei aka Zolee
Dylan Forrest aka Thor2010

Music Compositors:
Adamm Khuevrr aka adammbommb
Thomas Kobialka aka tomekkobialka

Voice Acting:
Jake Whitmarsh aka Ceamonks890

Joey Quint aka Joey79100

Jake Whitmarsh aka Ceamonks890
Joey Quint aka Joey79100
Elio Qoshi aka Lara's Boyfriend

"You nailed it!"

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