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Originally Posted by annl View Post
That's good, normally new FMV file formats fix the issues for me.
As I promised, here are patched EXE files with the automatic FOV fix and the new FMV player for TR3 and The Lost Artifact. Also it includes sunglasses bugfix.

This version of the game supports a great many video formats, thanks to the built-in ffmpeg codecs, including support for RPL and MP4. You do not need to install any codec, driver or wrapper packages. This is the implementation of fully native support for any FMV, including HQ. The volume level of the videos is set in accordance with the volume of in-game music.

I've disabled old videoplayer files, so you can delete them if you want: dec130.dll, edec.dll, winplay.dll, winsdec.dll, winstr.dll. Instead, I created a single video player file ffplay.dll. It is based on ffmpeg player source code, but also includes a simple and reliable game interaction interface. SDL 1.2 required, so I include SDL.dll too.

Do not combine this patch with other Widescreen patches and Peixoto's patch. They will break the correct work of the game.

P.S. These are just a few small nice patches from the already implemented arsenal of features and bugfixes. I hope you enjoy them.

UPD. I've updated the patch. Old links deleted.
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