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StrPix3 revision 18 beta version n readme.

Install: Copy the StrPix exe into an existing StrPix folder.
Copy Assimp32.dll into the same folder if not already there. This version of StrPix will not work without it.
Copy your StrPix .ini file and rename with the same name as this exe to use your current settings.

Changed DXF exporter so colour index 0 not used which caused error in 3DS max DXF importer.
Changed position of some popup windows from Desktop Centre since no good on two monitor setup.
Added ability to export mesh to FBX format. Scale is 1:1. Only geometry exported.
Added ability to export to OBJ format. Scale is 1:1. Only geometry exported.
Added ability to import .3DS, .blend, .fbx, .lwo, .ms3d, .obj formats using assimp.
If imported mesh is UV mapped the importer will attempt to create textures from the UVs and add the textures to the wad.
Results are not perfect! Use teme9's method for better results.
The textures must be 256 x 256 pixels.
If you only wish to import the geometry and not create textures make sure to check the Geometry only checkbox.
You can choose to triangulate the imported mesh.
You can choose to scale the mesh on import. Minimum scale is 0.01.
You can choose to keep hard edges which means close vertices will not be merged. This option is ignored if the mesh has more than one material.
Normals not imported but calculated.
Unlike with MQO import, vertex order is not preserved meaning remapping for Lara_Skin may be needed.
Meshes exported to FBX and reimported will be mostly retextured in the same way as MQO export/import if not triangulated.
There is a bug in FBX import where some faces may not be retextured, if so try importing again.

If you get error message saying msvcp120.dll missing you need to install Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 redistributable.
However this may not work for Windows XP PCs before SP3.

Import and UV conversion code written by TurboPascal.

This is a beta version of revision 18 and may contain bugs in added features so make sure to have a backup copy of the wad.
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