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If you needed Garrett's Fullscreen Border Removal patch, you notice he didn't include Tomb Raider II Gold: Golden Mask. This means that Golden Mask's window borders will appear in fullscreen mode. I attempted to rectify this by providing an unofficial update, but Windows 10 users told me that this makes the music stop functioning.

I'm going to show you how to use Windowed Borderless Gaming to remove the border and keep the music!

1. After installing TRII Gold, download Westech Solutions' Windowed Borderless Gaming.

2. This program does not require installation, so put it somewhere you like best.

3. Load Golden Mask's Setup.EXE and configure it. The important part is to tick the button that will load it in windowed mode. However, configure your preferences for fullscreen mode at this point as well.

4. Load TRII Gold. It should start in windowed mode.

5. Double click your Windowed Borderless Gaming executable. You'll be told to open it from the taskbar to configure it. Right click on Windowed Borderless Gaming and select "Add Window ( F3 )".

6. Switch back to TRII Gold and press F3. This will have captured it in Windowed Borderless Gaming.

7. Now normally, you'd need to further configure your game in Windowed Borderless Gaming to get what you want. However, with TRII Gold, you can just press F12 to go into fullscreen.

8. The window border should be gone! You'll see Lara's health bar, hear the music, and be in fullscreen all at once. You will need to load Windowed Borderless Gaming every time you want to play Golden Mask in fullscreen, however.

Hope this helps.
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