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Tomb Raider - The Angel of Darkness EXE Multi-Patcher

With this tool you'll be able to mod the game executable.
Tested with the following game builds: Global v.39/42/49/52 (TRAOD/TRAOD_P3/TRAOD_P4), Sasho648 from v2.0.0 to v6.6.4
Untested but potentially working with: Click4dylan mods, latest Sasho648's experimental builds
Untested and almost certainly not working with: Japanese v.52J (TRAOD/TRAOD_P3/TRAOD_P4)

2019/06/09 v. 2.8
- Added Heat Haze Effect fix: modifies the PC version's Heat Haze effect making it identical to the PS2 one. In this way the heat sources and the wind effect will appear more realistic. The Eckhardt's glove effect will now also be shown correctly. After enabling the mod copy the attached HeatEMBM.tga file in Data\effects folder. Overwrite the original file. Before you start playing, select "RT to screen size" under game graphics settings. In versions 39 and 42 the Heat Haze effect and Antialiasing are mutually exclusive. This is a limitation intrinsic to the game. This restriction is not present on versions 49 and 52.
- Added Always On Footprint advanced mod: by activating this mod Lara and Kurtis will leave footprints on any type of surface. Footprints will dissolve after about 16 seconds.
- Optimized the code of almost all the pre-existing mods: slight reductions in processing times and RAM consumption.
- Optimized the menus code: pages are now rendered about 3 times faster.
- Tomb Raider - The Angel of Darkness EXE Multi-Patcher becomes open source under the GNU General Public License v.3.0! The source code is available on GitHub at the following address:

2019/01/05 v. 2.6
- Added High Quality Cubemap Reflections: adds animated environmental objects rendering, bump mapping and texture filtering (bilinear, trilinear or anisotropic) to reflections.
- Added Water Reflections Resolution: increases water surfaces reflections resolution.
- Added Rotating Gas Clouds Effect Fix: restores gas effect rotation which is present on PS2 but missing in the PC version.
- Added Rotating Pickup Item Icons: when an object is collected its icon will rotate as in Tomb Raider The Last Revelation and Tomb Raider Chronicles.
- Added Invert Look Camera Y-Axis: reverses the vertical axis in "Look" mode.
- Added Controls Mod: a collection of fixes for optimizing game inputs. Includes:
  • Custom gamepad buttons mapping (3 presets). If your gamepad doesn't work with any of the 3 presets, please contact me and we'll work together to find a solution.
  • 10% dead zone for left and right gamepad sticks to prevent unintentional movements.
  • Mouse and keyboard separation: mouse movements will no longer affect character rotation.
  • Removed hysteresis and increased mouse sensitivity.
  • Remapped pause menu button from R3 to Start. In addition, you can now quit the pause menu at any time by pressing Start, in the same way as for the inventory.
  • Remapped menu back button from Triangle to Circle.
  • Added an exit key from the "security keypad" mode for the gamepad. To exit at any time press Jump. Previously the only way to quit the security keypad with the gamepad was by entering the correct code.
Soon after enabling Controls Mod it is recommended to select "Default" under game controller settings. If you don't have a gamepad or you don't plan to use it, this last step can be skipped and any of the 3 presets will work for you.
- Added Debug Menu Overlay advanced mod: by pressing the "F2" key you can activate the in-game debug menu, just like with the Pizza tool by PiZZADOX.
- Added Disable Fixed Cameras advanced mod: disables all fixed cameras.
- Added Disable Swim/Fly Camera Collisions advanced mod: when enabled, the game will ignore camera collisions with the surrounding environment while swimming or flying. This is a big advantage while using the fly cheat since the camera will stop penetrating Lara's body when she passes through objects and walls. However, as with every advanced mod, you'd better keep it off during regular gameplay as the lack of collisions during swimming can ruin the gaming experience.
- Added Photo Mode advanced mod: freely explore the game world during both gameplay and cutscenes. To turn on/off Photo Mode press "CTRL+F2". Photo Mode controls can be found at the dedicated Multi-Patcher page and at the Controls Mod demonstrative picture. Photo Mode is only available for TRAOD_P3 and TRAOD_P4 executables and it requires Controls Mod to be enabled. Works best when combined with the Unlimited Room Boundaries mod.
- Added the auto-center-on-screen function to the EXE Multi-Patcher window.
- Optimized Debug Mode and Unlimited Room Boundaries mods code.
- Small tweaks in menus rendering.

2018/04/03 v. 2.2
- Added swim_targetDistance to Global Variables menu: regulates distance between Lara and the camera while swimming.
- Added Underwater Effects Fix: restores some missing effects in underwater sections of "The Vault of Trophies" level. These effects include seaweeds in tunnels at the beginning of the level and lightning, flares, trails, "blue nebula" and water bubbles in eight knights puzzle's cutscene. A video comparison between PS2/PC/PC with mod enabled can be found here:
- Added metadata (description, author, version, etc.) to executable.
- Fixed "File size" value not refreshing after applying some mods.
- Fixed a bug that caused the output file to disappear if it was in use during saving process. An error message with action required will now be displayed.

2018/03/13 v. 2.1
- Added three new Global Variables:
  • dbgMinCameraDistance: regulates the minimum distance between Lara and the camera when pressing F8 in debug mode.
  • dbgMaxCameraDistance: regulates the maximum distance between Lara and the camera when pressing SHIFT+F8 in debug mode.
  • gameover_timeout: regulates the delay between character's death and Game Over screen appearance.
- Added Verbose Output Debug String advanced mod: this mod increases the amount of messages the game sents in background through OutputDebugString Windows' function.
- Added External Font Support: allows using an external font instead of the built-in one. Custom font must be saved as "font.tga" inside "\TRAOD\Data\effects" folder. 39/42 versions uses a different font set from 49/52 versions. Make sure to use a font set that matches your game version!
- Added Lag Free Walk Mode: removes the delay between pressing "WALK" key and "LEFT CURSOR" or "RIGHT CURSOR" keys required to perform a side step. On Sasho's versions this fix applies to step back too. Working with both keyboard and gamepad.

2017/12/22 v. 2.0
- Added "Advanced Mods" tab: this tab is a collection of mods aimed to true Raiders who want to explore the deepest secrets of the game. These mods are not designed for regular gameplay because they can severely alter visuals and performances so if you are a die-hard vanilla fan stay away from this section.
- Added "Global variables" tab: customize every tiny aspect of the game, from HUD colours to camera angles. If you mess with some settings don't panic! Simply restore default values by pressing "D".
- Added Unlimited room boundaries: in order to save resources the game renders only the room where the player is and those in close proximity. This mod will make the game render the entire map regardless the player's position. The screen will no longer turn black when you fly out of a room.
- Added Hide camera cutscene blinds
- Added Disable vertex color
- Added Unlock player position: Lara can freely move during tutorial sections and in-game cutscenes. Warning: may cause some glitches in few levels like The Wrath of The Beast.
- Added Lag free look camera: removes the half a second input lag when pressing the "Look" key.
- Added Snowflakes trembling intensity
- Added Snowflakes fall speed
- Added Cubemap reflections resolution: increases reflections resolution. Make sure to have an high-end GPU with at least 2 GB of VRAM when using "4x" option. To mitigate the performance drop change cubemap reflections texture quality from "64 bit A16B16G16R16" to 32 or even 16 bit in game settings.
- Added Dynamic shadows resolution: reduces shadows jagginess.
- Added Fur: enables grass in the beta training area of Parisian Back Streets, St Aicard's Graveyard and the Bio-Research Facility.
- Added Specular: disable it if the shiny effect on Lara and Kurtis bothers you.
- Added Main menu demo video: similarly to the old "Main menu idle video patch", this mod restores the missing demo video in the main menu but with some improvements:
  • Video filename is the same as PS2 (TP_ROLL.MPG). LINKS BELOW
  • Works with all versions of the game.
  • Working fade out effect.
- Added Classic health/breath/grip bar: health/breath/grip bar will normally be hidden and it will show up when:
  • Holding guns
  • Climbing
  • Health drops
  • Oxygen level changes
  • Player enters the inventory
- Added Cutscene/FMV skip button: disables all keyboard/gamepad inputs during cutscenes/FMVs; if you want to skip them press the "ESC" key. With this mod is now possible to take screenshots or to start/stop video recording during cutscenes/FMVs.
- Added Aspect ratio fix: makes AoD compatible with widescreen monitors.
- Moved "Debug mode" from Standard to Advanced Mods.
- Fixed Debug mode not working on v42 and v49.
- Entirely rewritten UI source code.
- Minor aesthetic UI changes.

2017/07/22 v. 1.3
- Added Persistent corpses fix
- Added Blood fix for German version
- Added Snow fix
- Fixed a bug that prevented the tool from saving when target EXE is inside \Program Files (x86)\ folder. Windows UAC will now ask for administrator's permission
- Fixed missing title bar/task bar icons

2017/07/04 v. 1.0
First release of the AoD EXE Multipatcher. Featuring:
- Lara sunglasses
- Subtitles control
- Fix for broken PC Kurtis' farsee effect
- Debug mode without SCU

Package includes:
- Readme (english and italian)
- Comparison images
- Original and HD fonts
- HeatEMBM.tga sprite (for the Heat Haze Effect Fix)

Special thanks:
- Slayer and Gab for beta testing
- Deathly Karma for his tips and corrections on the english localization
- TRJTA for the HD Font texture

Download Tomb Raider - The Angel of Darkness EXE Multi-Patcher v. 2.8

Download Original PS2 TP_ROLL.MPG

Download Remastered TP_ROLL.MPG

Download Remastered Extended TP_ROLL.MPG

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