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The original Tomb Raider Level Editor (the TRLE) was released by Core in 2000. The TRLE was the Level Editor Core used to make The Last Revelation.
When installing the Tomb Raider Level Editor, select Custom Install and uncheck the DirectX7 box. If you try to install DirectX7, Windows will chuck out a serious error message due to trying to install an old version of Direct X (176Mb).

In early 2008, Paolone released a new Tomb Raider Level Editor, the Next Generation Level Editor (the NGLE).
Version is the version that does not use the TRNG engine yet, so this version can be used together with TREP.

TRNG stands for Tomb Raider Next Generation. It is a combination of NGLE (updated level editor) and the updated engine.
It has a lot more posibilities than just the TRLE or NGLE, in both graphics/effects and gameplay.
You can download it at Paolone's homepage: TRNG
Note 1:
MK4 is TRNG version
If you want to use version you have to install the "trng installer" after installing MK4.
After that you can download and install the most recent version But in order to be able to use you do need to have installed since also contains an update for NG-Center!
Note 2:
We have a whole forum section dedicated to TRNG. If you are using TRNG, it is best to your questions in there.

Standalone tr4 Crypter for TombEditor users.
Works also with TRNG .tr4 files created with the TRLE.

Object editing and texturing tool of the 'absolutely can't live without' type. You can also Import and export texture bmp's as well as dxf files.
This original tool was built by Turbo Pascal who later released the source code (308Kb).
STRPix 11

This updated version of Strpix was developed by Sapper from the original tool by Turbo Pascal.
There have been many feature changes and new feature additions.
For more information read the documentation included in the download (703Kb).
STRPix 17

EditWad is an object and WAD editing tool by Sapper, which makes all your object editing much easier and more fun.
Documentation included (10.1Mb).
EditWad 1.4

Fexinspect allows you to open and inspect compiled Tomb Raider level so can see how objects are placed and how things are used in game (833Kb).

This is SFX Manager v3.0 by Magplus (Pascal Ducey). Instructions and version updates are included in the readme in the download (14.4Mb).
SFX Manager 3

TBuilder by Iceberg will take care of all your texture set building needs.
This latest version has had the number of vertical pages increased from 32 to 64 (477Kb)

Screamer by Leperk will create new sounds.txt files and output new .sam and .sfx files for your wad.
Read the tutorials to lean how to use it (175Kb).
Note: this tool does not work on 64bit systems.

TRLE Sound Editor by Sapper will edit edit/create sounds.txt and create SFX and SAM files, but cannot create SFX or SAM files for v130 WADs (5.75Mb).
TRLE Sound Editor

TR2Wad by Michiel will rip objects, textures and sound samples from TR4 files.
It will work fine on XP and Win 7 running in compatibility mode (175Kb).

Brilliant patch by Larson 08 that will allow you to hold down the middle mouse button and pan your rooms around (16Kb).

TRW Animation Utilities
WADMerger allows you to export/import animations for Lara and other objects to .trw format. With these utilities you can edit these .twr files. You can for example, easily mirror animations with it.
Download ""

TR Player
This little tool lets you fly through levels for inspection.
Download "TR Player.rar"

WidescreenForTRLE is a program that implements the TR2Main widescreen formula, for custom levels that use TRLE, TREP or TRNG engine.

LeikkuriConverter is a tool that makes Leikkuri compatible with FLEP.
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