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I think there's a difference between plot and theme and that's where we get bogged down sometimes.

Von Croy was a plot device. He helped with exposition, created conflict and action, and was involved in the story climax.

Theme is about underlying message being investigated or illustrated by the story.

In TR4, there is no underlying theme about Von Croy beyond maybe one about friendship (unless you can think of one??). To me it's a very plot driven story.

In TR2013, the story is more complex with subtext. The main theme in my eyes is the one Crystal identify clearly "a survivor is born". But underlying that is the one about who Lara is and what is motivating her - ie, her Croftness and her father. Themes are usually stated in the first 5 minutes of a story as they're the hook beyond the plot action that grips people. And we kind of see that in TR2013 where Lara alludes to her father telling her "a famous explorer once said the extraordinary is what we do, not who we are....". The theme is (to me) clearly stated that a conflict is to occur about "the doing" and "who we are" (or, our name). And then Lara states that she's setting out to make her mark (for her own self). And we see that referenced again later when Roth refers literally to her name (Croft) and implies what that means about who she should be. Lara responds with hesitation about picking up that kind of "responsibility" (I'm not a Croft).

By the end she makes her own name (she survives through herself on an adventure of her own making) but also lives up to the lofty expectations of the Croft name. She is extraordinary in what she did not just who she was (a Croft).

That's my take anyway.
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