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Default Play as Medipack Lara

Hey there, how are you guys doing? I'm back again and this time i present to you the incredible idea of "HarleyCroft", a lara made out of medipacks!

The medipack brothers have long since been lara's best friends during her expeditions, and after all these years accompanying her around the globe, both the small and the large medi pack have learnt a thing or two about adventuring!

They have fused together and are now the "healthiest" raider ever,so stock up on medicine, pick up those guns,and in case you need a little pick me up, just ask fara for help, she will be hiding around

This works for all tr1/ub levels as well as the gym

Have fun and untill next time!

Ps: Since this is a bit complex model for tr1, there are around 3 levels where the uzis will have the appearence of the normal pistols order to make this work.

Download Link - Play as Medipack Lara

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