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Default Gathered Info About SOTTR

There's a lot of info about the game, and it's spread through MANY pages on the threads, so I've decided to create this one with all of the gathered info we have so far, for easier access


- The Game is meant to be dark to both reflect Laras outer/inner journey. Hence Shadow of the Tomb Raider

- Classic teal top is back, in a modernized way
  • Her clothing has had a change as well, with her top being a very classic style, while she is still wearing her green necklace. She has her black gloves as well
  • Her outfit it’s like a cross between Underworld and Classic

- Lara wears a tribal outfit at one point with a head piece and everything (similar to the guys trying to sacrifice the kid in the trailer). It's red and white, her legs are exposed too

- Lara is noticeably more buff, and she looks a lot more battle-worn in the face and a lot more mature than in the previous games.
  • Eventually, Lara emerges at a dig site and casts off her cloak and mask to reveal her classic tank top and newly buff physique.

- Camilla is back, and her acting improved a lot (Melonie Mac's thread)
  • She's not out of breath all of the time
  • She sounds more confident and determined
  • No more dramatic sounding cadence, no whininess in her voice

- Visually, Shadow is absolutely breathtaking. Lara’s facial animations, the environment – they’re all top of the line and look beautiful.

- In the demo, Lara mentioned a lost city. This will be a big hub in the game.

- This is the most cinematic Tomb Raider yet.

- Three covers [of Tomb Raider (2013), Rise of the Tomb Raider and Shadow of the Tomb Raider] were shown at the event, so you see a coherent transformation - This was actually discussed in a thread and it turned out to be true! The vision that Eidos had! Yay!
  • Someone who’s just like, “I need to get out of this bad situation,” to someone who’s exploring, to someone who’s on a mission and she’s super focused and that power that she’s grown with is becoming a danger

- The Game took heavy inspiration from Rambo and Predator (confirmed by the devs, not just assumed)- The Game took heavy inspiration from Rambo and Predator (confirmed by the devs, not just assumed)

- The main villain has somewhat the same goal as Lara. They didnt like the good guy vs bad guy script and rather have Lara be more in the grey area, with self conflicts and questioning.- The main villain has somewhat the same goal as Lara. They didnt like the good guy vs bad guy script and rather have Lara be more in the grey area, with self conflicts and questioning.


- No vehicles

- Swimming returns:
  • Lara has limited breath (which lasts for a fair while), and she needs to ascend to air pockets to regain her breath or she will drown.
  • She has big lungs so she can swim for long periods of time, giving you the chance to explore underwater rather than following a plotted path forced by the game.
  • The first swimming section is adrenaline inducing and super claustrophobic.

- There are lots of little nooks to explore, with the demo all being focused on Mayan ruins. It’s proper Tomb Raider stuff.

- Lara can now rappel from her climbing axes

- Rope mechanic is like Uncharted but not scripted and not limited
  • She can abseil down to lower levels with it, which would otherwise kill her if she just dropped
  • The wall run from the LAU trilogy is back and it's easier to handle
  • You can attach ropes already for pulling and attaching items together etc.

- The physics puzzles from previous games are still around

- White paint is back, but not as obvious. There are reports of people sometimes having a hard time on where to go next on a Tomb because the white ledges aren't as visible

- She has all her previous skills learned in Rise, but will learn a lot more

- Lara also seems to be carrying a trusty knife with her now

- Lara’s animations haven’t changed from Rise

- Quick Time Events felt more natural – at first. The camera completely changed at one point and was very close and claustrophobic up against Lara, but we are still in control, and there weren’t button prompts – it was quite intuitive and felt very interactive. You were still in control. At one point a button prompt does appear

- The feature from Rise for learning language skills is back.

- Shooting little secret things in the environment is back.

- Various things now seem to give Lara health, such as medicinal herbs and some sort of rare beetle.

- Some secrets are apparently very well hidden. There was a portion, where you have to rappel down into what appeared to be a "death hole", and swing, and it actually lead to a secret (very classic like, if I might add)

- There will be a co-op in one of the DLCs


- Stealth mechanics are improved
  • So now Lara can use cammouflage to hide and stalk enemies
  • Lara is gonna be using mud to camouflage herself
  • Lara hides herself in vines

- You can no longer run into a bunch of enemies like Rambo, or they'll bullet Lara down
  • You have to plan how you'll take your enemies down
  • Lara will be using fear tactics

- There weren’t hordes of enemies present in the demo


- Tombs are filled with traps which can be deadly
  • Such as spike walls

- Lara is not always alone in Tombs now

- Her Tomb looting might have consequenses this time arround (the treasure you get at the end of it)- Her Tomb looting might have consequenses this time arround (the treasure you get at the end of it)

- 7 DLCs are planned so far, and each one will bring new side stories and one tomb

- Tombs in general are more dangerous and claustrophobic


Spoilers. White text.

- Jonah is back

- The story starts with Lara and Jonah in Mexico, it's the Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the dead).

- Lara interacts with random strangers while tracking a target (Trinity agents)

- The story revolves around Lara tracking Trinity, and trying to stop them from acquiring an ancient dagger and a box, which combined will allow the user to recreate the world.

- Lara goes to Mexico to get the dagger, and she figures that the silver box is actually located in Peru, and not in Brazil like Trinity believes.

- The end of the mayan world is triggered by Lara, similar to the Last Revelation, when she grabs the dagger
  • She’s bringing the Maya Apocalypse, a series of cataclysms that’s going to end in destroying the sun and it’s because she didn’t know, because she’s too impatient, too dark, she was so focused on just stopping Trinity that anything else is not even registering for her.

  • A tsunami happens, killing lots of people. When you’re back to controlling Lara again, you have to swim through the bodies of all the innocent villagers that have died in the flood.

  • In the process, a little kid Lara is trying to save, dies.

- This leads to Lara and Jonah having a fight, and Jonah bringing her to attention
  • The final cutscene in the demo sees Jonah come into his own, when he actually brings Lara down a notch or two ("It’s not all about you!")

  • Lara argues back, until reality hits her hard

  • They agree to help the villagers, and then travel to Peru to get the box
- The main enemy is called Doctor Dominguez, and when he comes into contact with Lara, it is Lara who is actually in the wrong and has brought the world to the brink of the apocalypse (as mentioned above)

- The darkness is starting to overtake Lara.

- Due to the events in Mexico, Lara must travel to other locations and get the other artifacts before Trinity gets them. Peru is a confirmed location

- Trinity's intention is to possess the artifacts, and combine them, which will allow them to recreate the world however they want


Concept Art:

CGI Trailer:


Shadow of the Tomb Raider planned time-frame:

I'll keep updating this thread

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