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Not impossible, but it is difficult and a bit frustrating to avoid crashes

TRC is the most difficult game out of all the classics to mod due to the data files being bigger, which does not leave much room for modding an existing level.

In the past i have modded TRC but only little bits at a time. As I just use these moddings for Youtube video purposes, I can take say five duplicate levels and modify each level a little bit with a different mod, so it does not crash or give the dreaded black screen of death jamb up

The viewer of the video thinks its all the same level, but its just different segments of video from each of the five almost identical levels, merged into the one video.

Another problem due to the data size, is some levels cannot be modded at all, as they are almost full. For example by experience trying to mod....

Level 8: Gallows Tree..can be modded a bit.
Level 9: Labyrinth...can be modded a bit.
Level 10: Old Mill...can be modded slightly.

The only TRC video I have left now on Youtube is LAZER HEADS in Level 2: Trajan's Market, and that took a few almost identical versions of the level to get all the modding in, for the video.

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