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If you want I can upload the python source code file and you can run it instead if you install python and wxPython.

I got it to work on win10 64 bit by:

1. Installing Python 2.7 32 bit. (Must be python 2.7 not 3.) Uninstall 3 if that is what you have.

2. Installing wxPython2.8-win32-unicode-

Make sure *.py files are associated with python so you can run them just by double clicking on them.

You could instead install Python 2.7 64 bit but in that case you must install the 64 bit version of wxPython, wxPython2.8-win64-unicode-

WxPython links

python links

I will upload TRW EDitor source code .py file later if you want it.

Having Python 2.7 and wxPython installed will also mean you can run my Mesh Editor from source file if the standalone exe is not working either.

EDIT: Here is Python 2.5 source code for TRW Editor
Check trsearch\Tools for some of my programs

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