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Default Tomb Raider Summer Edition

Before i say anything, i have to tell you guys one thing, I was going to wait a bit more before i released this one, I was planning to release it when summer officially started, but since you all got bummed out by the mounted dino mod and also because I just could not wait any longer, here it is Tr1 Summer Edition

Surf is up everybody! It doesn't matter if you are in the moutains of peru, or in the city of Atlantis, everyone needs to embrace the summer spirit, so why not do it with Surfing?

However lara was not the only one to feel the call of Summer as you can see in the pictures below

So I hope you have fun with this Seasonal Mod, and I promise the next one will be one that you guys requested!

Works in all TR1/UF levels with no visual glitches

Download Link - Summer Raider

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