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Default Play as Doppelganger (Updated) and Helicopter

Hello guys, today this is going to be something different

I figured it would be a good time to update my doppelganger mod (The first one was incomplete and only worked on a few levels), so this one has holsters, backpack, it works on all levels and yes, the real doppelganger has a lara model now

However I felt that just releasing an "Updated" mod was a bit meh, so I decided to bring something completely random.

Yes my friends I bring what everyone asks for and wants, a Helicopter! A Pink Helicopter! What...? What do you mean no one asked for it?

Ohh well atleast you can watch larson get it by it in the cutscene featured in the video below hehe

The models work on all tr1/uf/House levels and there should be no visual glitches

Hope you have fun and untill next time

Download - Doppelganger

Download - Helicopter

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