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Default Play as Reboot Lara

First of all guys, i'm sorry, I'm a huge liar... I said the next mod would be to celebrate something but this one came first :P

Ohh man where to even begin with this one, I just got to say that this was the one that gave me the most joy to see done and working. I don't know what it is but this and legend ones seemed like they would be the easiest to make and ended up being the hardest, constantly giving me problems and other annoying stuff, but you guys don't need to know that stuff, i'm just glad it is done :P

Ok so since you guys really liked the legend lara, and I wanted a challenge, I bring you today Lara from the reboot games.

First things first, It could have been better in the hair and the lower body part,but they were giving me so much trouble that I felt they were good as they were.

Since the backpack is not in the reboot games and I wanted to keep it safe, I removedf it but now the shotgun occupies the entire Lara's back

I was unsure to whether you guys would prefer a "Clean" or "Dirty" model, so I went with a mixed version and i think it is well balanced

This should not have any visual glitch and works on all tr1/uf/home levels

I really hope you guys enjoy and have fun with this one!

Untill next time guys!

Download - Play as Reboot Lara

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