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Default Play as Male Lara

Hey back again for some more stupid mods

First of all let me just say that i don't mean to spam you guys with mods, i always plan to wait atleast 5 days between them, but I just can't help to release them

Ok so back to the mod.

In one of her crazy expeditions lara found something like never before!

An ancient artifact? A weapon of tremendous power? Nope! She found out 10kg (22.046226 Pounds) of pure Viking Testosterone in a bottle.

Lara being her usual self did not hesitate one bit to drink the stuff, and 17 seconds later, surprise surprise...she is now Laro, aka Male lara

This mod also features a voice change for lara in the 3 cutscenes where lara is present: Lara vs larson, Lara reads tihocan wall, and lara talking with natla

A few visual glitches may occur but nothing to drastic

Works in all tr1/uf/house level

Hope you have fun and untill next time!

Download Link - Play as Male Lara

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