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There is something I've been thinking about regarding ambiance tracks.

Well, first, having more channels, at least one or even two, would be great (let's say we could use them for ambiance, music, voice, additional sound effects).

Second, a whole system for ambiance tracks.

At first, I was thinking something like this:
AmbianceTracks= UnderwaterTrackID, InsideTrackID, OutsideTrackID, ChannelID

I think it's pretty self-explanatory. For example we could have something like that:
AmbianceTracks= 102, 107, 110, 1
This would replace the whole setup of situation 3 of this tutorial (and has to work according to the camera's position by the way). Just putting this in the level would automatically change the background track according to the values we've put.


Then I thought about it more, and wondered "What if we want to change ambiance tracks during the level?"
And I just thought about a little addition:

DefaultAmbianceTracksSet= SetID, ChannelID // defines which AmbianceTracksSet to use at level start and which channel to define as the ambiance tracks channel
AmbianceTracksSet= SetID, UnderwaterTrackID, InsideTrackID, OutsideTrackID

For example:
DefaultAmbianceTracksSet= 1, 1
AmbianceTracksSet= 1, 102, 107, 110
AmbianceTracksSet= 2, 102, 108, 110
AmbianceTracksSet= 3, 109, 107, 115
Then we would have triggers to change anytime we want:
Audio. Set <&> Ambiance Tracks Set for current level in (E) way.
<&> : ID of the Ambiance Tracks Set
(E) : Two options here:
  • Immediatly (stops the current track and starts playing the new track)
  • Delayed (doesn't stop the current track, but next time the camera changes situation, the new tracks will start playing)
We may also need another trigger for situations where we manually trigger a track on the ambiance channel (because it may leave the channel muted after the track has finished playing).

Audio. Restore playback of ambiance tracks on the ambiance tracks channel.
I think that could be quite useful, flexible, and would avoid wasting variables.
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