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Default Play as Sonic the Hedgehog (With torso boss altered)

I just can't help myself, this was supposed to be released in a couple of days, but I just could not wait any longer for this one....

Speedrunners and sega fans, today is your lucky day, If you wanted to improve those hard personal best scores well now you have all the tools you need!

Gotta go fast with this mod while being stylish at the same time, it's a memer's dream and it is our 3rd cross-over mod, good old sonic.

This mod also features a "golden skin" if you touch the midas hand and I also decided to change the torso boss to Robotnik as I felt it was a perfect match

The only "bug" with this mod is in some levels sonic's color will be a weaker blue, but other than that this has no visual glitches and works in all tr1/uf/gym levels.

I hope you enjoy this mod and don't forget to cast your vote on the mod that I shall release next: "Action figure inspired outfit" or "Lumber jack inspired outfit"

Download Link - Play as Sonic

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