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Default Play as old lara in wheelchair aka(Timeless adventurer)

Hey guys the votes have been counted and the results are in, and our winner is Timeless adventurer!

Now I know that we all love lara croft but the thing is guys...she is not getting any younger....

Sure she may seem young these days and you may even thing she is more agile than ever by looking at shadow of the tomb raider gameplay, but the truth is that is all cinema tricks and makeup etc etc

Today I bring the true lara, the one that we don't want to accept...

Yes my friends this is granny lara...the real lara!

Raiding tombs is hard on the knees so do it in a glorious way with the aid of your wheelchair and walking stick!

The mod works in all tr1/uf/gym with no visual glitches.

Thanks for everyone who voted and have fun and enjoy!

Download - Old Lara

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