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Default Lara and Torso a.k.a "Master of Evolution" a.k.a Beauty and the Beast

Hello hello fellow raiders, enjoying Shadow of the Tr? Good because I haven't played it yet

Alright back to business, granny lara was the winner of the poll and it got a lot of smiles and giggles, so I hope the "Loser" can get some love too!

Introducing....The master of evolution, the beauty and the beast... Lara and Adam the Torso!

If you ever wanted to see lara commanding the torso or just wanted to play Tomb Raider without seeing where you are going, then this is the mod for you!

Times have changed Natla, and now lara has her own abomination to fight yours so let's see what you got!

This mod works in all tr1/uf/gym with no visual glitches.

Thanks once again to everyone who voted both here and on twitter.

Have fun and see you next time!

This is not what it seems! It's just Lara picking a medipack!


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