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Default Play as Witch Lara (Witchcroft :P)

Hey guys we are in spooky October and that means Halloween!

This time around I bring to you a request from our friends in twitter and it is Witch Lara!

Lara has been studying witchcraft for a very long time making her a master of witchcroft (sorry), and now that we are in the month of the spooks, she summoned her three minions of oblivion to aid her in this dangerous adventure

She also has her trustworthy broom with her, because if you are a real witch, you don't walk, you fly in one of those!

This mod works in all tr1/uf/gym with no visual glitches except a few weird colors on the lara model that I could not get rid of

I admit that I have some trouble designing outfits, so I hope you like how a witch looks like according to me :P

As always, thanks for the support, have fun and see you next time!

Download - Witch Lara

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