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Heads up

I was thinking about this all night last night about what Caba was saying and planning to do, I'm going to blame you for this I dashed to my grandparents' house early this morning and budge myself into the loft and hoping I will find what I was looking for...... and I did!!!

Took awhile to find the box that fills with VHS movies tapes and tons of gameplay that I recorded many years ago aswell. This attic got this mix vibe from Tomb Raider 3 chimney loft in the game. Looks familiar I must say.

At last, I was very surprised that I found two tapes filled with contents of Tomb Raider beta and a random film included, also another Tomb Raider, WWF warzone and WWF (smackdown) (I think that's what it said on the tape label) The red text was badly faded and smudged. I'm worried that second VHS tape might be damaged because it is filled with the nasty white mold inside it, I guess these tapes been in the attic more than 20 years but nevertheless I'm pleased to know it was still there after all these years, it could have chucked out

I'm well excited (Thanks to Caba) Got back home this afternoon with my son while my wife and rest of children was out for a day, so this gives me a perfect opportunity for me and my son to watch this nostalgia moment with VHS quality footage. This is the first time he has seen a Lara Croft. My son got this a strange reaction when Lara shoots directly at the screen with the fixed camera angle, which was funny but he loves it at the end. I will post some footage later if I can.

I can't wait to see yours Caba... Best thread I have seen for a long time


I have upoad the video of my son reaction with a good old TR Beta footage on VHS tape

Rest in Peace - rr_carroll

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